Your warranty protects you from defects in workmanship for one year, mechanical or system defects for two years, and structural defects for ten years. This coverage is absolutely free! Simply send in your enrollment form at closing to receive this comprehensive coverage. You will receive your home’s original Warranty Booklet by mail within forty-five days of settlement.

Our Customer Service Manager will meet you about forty-five days after you move in. The purpose of this meeting is to review any questions about or concerns you may have with your new home. We encourage you to prepare a list to review with the Service Manager in person at this visit. If any significant warranty items are identified, we will complete a warranty form with you and arrange to correct the item as soon as possible. Some minor cosmetic repairs (i.e. nail pops, expansion cracks) may be deferred until the eleven month inspection, when the home has gone through four seasons and fully settled.

10 Year Coverage

Covers the structural integrity of your home.

2 Year Coverage

Covers the working of electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems

1 Year Coverage

Covers workmanship of the trade partners who built your home.

Warranty is Transferable

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With other builders we always felt like it was our obligation to find any warranty items, but Traditions of America treated our home as if it were their own. They looked for things we didn’t see and promptly fixed everything.