Homeowner Support

Make A Service Request

To make a service request, call the appropriate customer service number for your community. For emergencies after hours, please call (215) 732-9600 and press 1 when prompted.

Silver Spring

Phone: 717-766-9557

Chesterfield County

Phone: 855-862-4663

Columbus Suburbs

Phone: 855-862-4663


Phone: 724-234-3174

West Brandywine

Phone: 610-383-4870

Green Pond

Phone: 610-419-6950

East Petersburg

Phone: 717-470-5556

Locust Valley

Phone: 610-839-8167


We provide you peace of mind about your purchase after you move. We stand by our work.

10 Year Coverage

Covers the structural integrity of your home.

2 Year Coverage

Covers the working of electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems

1 Year Coverage

Covers workmanship of the trade partners who built your home.