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Live Better in Pennsylvania

A Tax Friendly State for Retirement - Pennsylvania

Planning your retirement? Concerned about taxes? Traditions of America would like to make sure you have a complete picture of the tax advantages of Pennsylvania. Because we know active adults are looking for ways to pursue their dreams with more money in their pockets.

Did you know that Kiplinger's has several times named Pennsylvania one of the best tax-friendly states for retirees? In 2011, they described the state this way:

"True to its Quaker roots, Pennsylvania extends a friendly hand to retirees. It offers unusually generous exclusions from state income tax on a wide variety of retirement income." 

Carl and Connie Evans, Traditions of America at Hanover, in Bethlehem, PA:

“Moving here was a smart financial move,” said Connie. “The money we’ve saved allows us to pursue our hobbies and develop new interests.”


To learn more, download this cost of living comparison which looks at five states – Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia. As the chart on the comparison to the left shows, Pennsylvania is a terrific value compared to the other regional options - no wonder it's considered one of the best states to retire.

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