Live Better Now at Traditions of America! – Frank & Nanci Reinhart describe how the Traditions of America website made their move easier. "I liked the fact that I could look at the activities calendar, so I could see what kinds of things would interest me." Click here to enjoy more video.


Since Traditions takes care of the yard work we can just lock and leave when we want to travel.
- Holly (and Gary) Andersen
It was the lifestyle that sold us--the Clubhouse, activities and the Lifestyle Director.  No other place we looked at had anything like that.
- Holly (and Gary) Andersen
The Clubhouse is beautiful and with the Fitness Center I have no excuse not to work out regularly. There’s always something going on—dance classes, exercise classes, walking tours, etc.
- John Brennan
It wasn't long before I found a social network of men and women, married and single, who welcomed me as though I were a long-time friend. It was like reliving my college days - only better, because I no longer had to "sign in!" 
- Pam Giodano
The people are wonderful.  A great place to live with so much to do.  I would recommend it to anyone without reservation.  I came here all alone and did not know anyone.  Everyone embraced me and I never ever want to move.
- Mills
My husband and I wanted to move here because of the ease of taking care of only the inside of the house. We liked the the layouts of the homes and that they could be customized. We wanted everything new as we went into retirement.
- Judie Samer
The lifestyle is carefree. Get involved with what you want. You set your own pace here and we like that.
- George & Helen Tselepsis
We wanted an active community, where we could downsize from a large home where outside responsibilities are taken care of, plus, a lower cost of living.
- Fred & Nancy Wagner
Every day when I walk in the door I think how much I love my house…From the laundry room off the kitchen to never having to worry about mowing the lawn or pulling weeds, Traditions of America thought of everything.
- Rosalie Panelli, Milbrook Chase
We’ve had a very easy time making new friends through activities like Friday night happy hour and all of the available classes. The pool in the summertime was an unexpected surprise – it is a great place to meet friends and have impromptu parties!
- Donna and Roger Shenk, Traditions of America at Liberty Hill
I finally found the life I always wanted.
- Lisa Benson, Traditions of America at Liberty Hill
Next to my wife saying “yes” and the birth of my first child, moving to Traditions of America was the best decision I ever made in my life.
- Arnie Sundberg, Traditions of America at Silver Spring
When we decided that we were going to make the move, it was Traditions of America at Hanover or not at all. Traditions of America had programs and a team in place to minimize our concerns, fears and stress. We now have a well constructed home that we love, in a community that is friendly, active and a pleasure to live in.
- Carol and Arthur Altamura, Traditions of America at Hanover
The experiences we have enjoyed with Traditions Of America have been wonderful. From the receptionist to the sales personnel, design team and the relocation realtor Traditions Of America has thoroughly planned a smooth and enjoyable relocation.”
- Cecilia and Vincent Pannepacker, Traditions of America residents 

And one more for the road ...

Janet and I want to thank you and those in your organization who put on the dinner and made us feel so welcome.

The fact that the owners and others from out of the area took the time to be there was extraordinary. Thank them for us. It was enjoyable meeting people who are living in the community and others who are anticipating doing so.

Everything they said was very positive. It is the kind of community we would like to live in.

We got to visit the "in progress" home of soon to be residents. We love the homes that Traditions builds, including the quality, design and the stress reducing process. Janet is going through the brochure models with a fine tooth comb, deciding what she would like and what each home offers.

There are many positive aspects in purchasing a home with Traditions that aren't available with other builders. When we finally make that decision to leave northern New Jersey and head a little west you will be the first we call on.
Bruce Johnsen, future neighbor at Traditions of America at Mount Joy …we hope!

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