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Flexibility and Customization

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“Time is often just as, or more important than money,” says partner at Traditions of America Nathan Jameson. 

Bea Harrison & Beth Fretz

"We built the Hancock and it was very easy to customize....we entertain often so I was able to have the kitchen the way I wanted."

Customization Program Personal Experience

"We could make those subtle design decisions up front. So for example we have the low-profile threshold so there are actually no steps whatsoever to get into our house. That's a very simple thing to do when you're designing a home but very expensive to retrofit later. "

Customization Program Personal Experience

"Most of us are downsizing but when you come into the home you don't feel like you're downsizing.".

Customization Program Personal Experience

"My wife sometimes just says, 'I love my house.' If customization is what you desire, Traditions of America offers the Custom Home Program. While most builders won't allow you to make rooms larger or smaller, Traditions of America makes it possible for you to customize plumbing, wall placement and other interior preferences."

Donna Anderson

"The people are what make this community an amazing place to live." Traditions of America allowed Donna Anderson to find a family beyond her biological family. Find out which activities she participates in and which home customizations she chose!

Karen Schuckman

"The floor plans here really allow for you to flow throughout the space in a really comfortable way." Karen Schuckman describes the ease of adding personalized customizations to her home as it was being built.


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